Bullying: So Much More Than Being Pushed Around Essay

Bullying: So Much More Than Being Pushed Around Essay

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School is a place where you can learn, fraternize and feel safe. Well sometimes children and young adults do not feel that way at all, some kids have to deal with being physically harassed at school. Nowadays the bullying isn’t just occurring at school, it’s also occurring online in the privacy of their own home. The Internet is the main contributor because now kids go on social networks and blog sites, which, is one of their main forms of communication because they are apart of the computer age. Scott Meech’s article “Cyber-bullying Is Worse than Physical Bullying” and Amanda Lenhart’s article “Cyber-bullying Is Not Worse than Physical Bullying” both discuss why they believe one form of bullying is worse than the other. Although both articles illustrate their point of views by using different tactics, Meech does by far a better job because he focuses on a few concrete facts whereas Lenhart bombards the reader with statistics and irrelevant points.
In the article “Cyber-bullying Is Worse than Physical Bullying”, Meech discusses how harmful cyber-bullying is because of the long term effects it has on a child or young adult. He then uses a few statistics to illustrate his main point. “In March of 2006 statistics showed that 75 to 80 percent of 12 to 14 year olds had been cyber bullied”(Meech). That means this problem is occurring more and more in today’s youth. Unfortunately it’s difficult to stop the cyber-bullying from happening because often times they can’t identify who it is spreading rumors or making threats. That means that if a parent wanted to report the harassment, most times kids make up a fake name or a fake account so they can harass anonymously and that would make it hard to catch the culprit. Meech begins to discuss...

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... have been just as effective as Meech’s. Also if her article had been a little more interesting she would have been able to capture the reader's attention just like Meech did.

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