Bullying Should Be Completely Exterminated From Schools And The Workplace

Bullying Should Be Completely Exterminated From Schools And The Workplace

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Many children growing up experience bullying; it does not matter if it was just one time a week or every day of the week, bullying has an effect on the brain that lasts forever. Even some adults still have trouble with being bullied. Bullying can have an effect on people and their minds worse than any drug on the market. Many believe that bullying should be completely exterminated from schools and the workplace. Others still believe that bullying is not good but still do not want their child to involve themselves so the bullying continues. Then there are the conservative parents that think bullying is good for their child because they think that it will toughen them up. No matter the circumstances bullying should not occur under any circumstance. Bullying can lead to several mental disorders for children and adults such as anxiety and depression which can lead to suicidal thoughts in later stages of bullying. For these reasons alone bullying should not occur in any school or workplace environment and managers should monitor employees closely to ensure their safety.
In this world, there are still some parents that think that a little bullying might toughen a child up. The parents think that bullying will help them mature and to take a little beating. Parents think this because growing up bullying was a part of life. For the parents it was just an everyday occurrence and children did not always go and cry to their parents like they do now. Many parents want their children to be tough so when their child does come crying to them they tell them to toughen up and to not be a baby. In their eyes, it toughens the child up, but they do not understand the mental effects that come along with bullying. These parents do not realize that if t...

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...s. If the person being bullied is not pushed far enough to the point of suicide then that person is going to be in a constant hell every day of their lives. It is the only thing on their minds when they wake up and when they go to sleep. When bullying happens often it can alter one 's state of mind by bringing things such as anxiety and depression into one 's life that would not have been there before. Bullying is definitely not good for a child 's health and especially the child 's well-being for that matter. If a parent thinks that their child needs to bullying to toughen up then that parent needs to go look at one of the tombstones of one of the children that have committed suicide because they were pushed to the brink of mental insanity and could not stand to be in the world for one more day. Bullying is a very serious issue that needs to stop as soon as possible.

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