Bullying, Racism, Race, And Gender Essay

Bullying, Racism, Race, And Gender Essay

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When working in the Human Service field one must knowledge themselves with the crime of bullying in order to assist clients when being bullied. Not only does bullying affect the individual being victimized, this act can often affect families of the target. There are various types of bullying among different cultures, religion, race, and gender. In order to precisely understand bullying one must define bullying with a clear understanding. Sherry Gordon a Bullying Expert explains how most individuals think of bullying being aggressively attack by pushing, shoving, hitting or kicking. She continues to explain how “there’s a much more insidious type of bullying that often goes unnoticed by parents and teachers. This type of bullying is known as relational aggression.” (Gordon, 2014) Relational aggression is depicted as emotional bullying. Although any type of bullying can leave inward pain relational aggression often leaves poignant scars. All types of bullying is spiteful and hurts the individual being attacked. Bullying should be assessed on a continuum since there are so many levels of bullying. Adolescence endure acts of bullying through name calling, rumors being spread harming one’s reputation and public humiliation. This type of bullying is clear yet defining specific acts of bullying can be challenging.
Dan Owelus a Professor in Psychology is renowned for his research and intervention strategies in the area of bullying adolescence. Owelus theorizes three components defining bullies. Aggressive behavior, repeated over time, and imbalance of power or strength (Owelus, 2015). There are many forms of bullying. One form is physical, also known as aggressive behavior, whereas a bully will push, shove, kick or spit on an individual. ...

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...oblem to worsen by setting stricter boundaries on the victim. While the victim is innocent his or her world around them can feel unequivocally tormenting. The most devastating part of being bullied is suicidal ideation. Though too many adults still see bullying as “just part of being a kid,” it is a serious problem that leads to many negative effects for victims, especially suicide.
In conclusion as a human service provider knowledge in preventing this crime can benefit the individual, families, communities and even the bully. Prevention is key to helping all parties involved. Sharing resources with schools and families is a good recourse. The internet has scores of websites with respected information along with free programs that one can register. Hazelden Publishing offers a variety of materials to enhance one’s knowledge about bullying and other safety concerns.

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