Bullying Laws Need to Change Essay

Bullying Laws Need to Change Essay

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Bullying Laws Need To Change
Over 3.2 million students in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade are victims of bullying each year. The article “ School legislation is the wrong approach”, written by, the president of National School Safety and Security issues Ken Trump, explores why these numbers are so high and what laws need to go in effect. Trump has been working with schools across the country. Currently, he has written over eighty articles including three books, Practical School Security: basic guidelines for safe and secure schools, Classroom Killers? Hallway Hostages? How schools can prevent and manage school crises, and Proactive school security and emergency preparedness planning. He uses evidence from victimized students around the country to prove his point. In this article, he uses his 30 years of experience to “tug at the readers heart strings’ to see the harsh realities of bullying. Trump believes that schools must identify the spots where these actions are most likely to occur. He states that school officials must reinforce these laws in order to have a firm and consistent discipline in schools. He uses facts and research from licensed social workers and psychologist in order to intrigue his audience.
He uses his 30 years of practice to create an argument to keep his audience of parents of school age children, teachers and school officials intrigued. Trump gained his audience not only from his books but also by doing several interviews for shows such as ABC news tonight, ABC nightline and CBS evening news. In this article, Trump explores how anti-bullying policies will not end bullying all together but will decrease in areas where bullying is most likely to occur. Through exp...

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...ot be defined on one thing. There are so many factors that can cause conflict in schools. Having effecting school planning such as having components ranging from prevention to intervention and, security to emergency measures, can help find the root of these bullying issues.
Trump has convinced his readers that his position is correct because he provided his audience with examples from recent bullying cases and has found research from psychologists who share his same opinions. He uses strong language and stories from parents and friends who have lost a loved one due to bullying. He utilizes these emotional statements to get the readers to realize that something needs to change about the bullying laws in our country. By choosing proper examples and world selection, Trump is successful in persuading his audience in his favor.

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