Bullying Is The Unethical Harassment Of An Individual Essay

Bullying Is The Unethical Harassment Of An Individual Essay

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Bullying is the unethical harassment of one individual by another which results to psychological, social or mental issues of the primary person. Bullying can also be perceived as an aggressive behavior exerted on an individual with the intention of hurting them. The act happen when a person, in position of higher power, deliberately attack or intimidate someone in a lower position. Bullying can cause an individual to go through physical, mental or psychological stages which than could adheres to the persons performance at school, work or even around family. There are several types of bullying that will be covered, also how it affects the individual and how we can raise awareness to stop it from happening to our family members.
There are 4 types of bullying which people are familiar with: Physical, verbal, social & emotional, and cyber. Physical bullying is the physical abuse of an individual. This can be kicking, beating, pushing, or physical encounters. Stronger people tend to act superior on weaker people by showing their strength. This kind of bullying makes a person go into mental depression. Social & Emotional bullying is the teasing of a person. It includes lying, spreading rumors, causing humiliation to a particular person. It is mainly targeted on the social life of a person, this type of bullying is also the most difficult to recognize and prevent from happening. Verbal bullying mostly take place in schools, work or play areas. It is usually name calling, teasing another person based on race, religion or someone 's belief. And then there is Cyber bullying, which a person bullies another person by text, phone, social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc. Cyber bullying can take place anytime and anywhere. So, e...

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...evention campaign in the purpose to be inspire to stand up against it no matter what. In that way, the school committee will be able to create a climate where bullying will definitely not be acceptable.
Bullying is a matter of all. Everyone is concerned. It’s a problem that many children encounter in a daily basis, and sometimes can be life-threatening if it’s not stopped. The consequences of bullying are tremendously devastating. It’s a duty for you to fight against this terrible issue. How many kids should suffer from depression and anxiety again? How many kids should commit suicide from being bullied again? The act of bullying should definitely be stomped out, and remember, the change begin with you. Therefore, let’s make the world a better place of learning, fulfillment for our children. They tremendously need that in order to grow up successful and fulfilled.

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