Bullying Is The Third Leading Cause Death For Young Adults Essay

Bullying Is The Third Leading Cause Death For Young Adults Essay

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High school freshman Phoebe Prince hung herself within in her home in 2010, after being bullied by fellow classmates. The bullies were minors and were sentenced to prison for ten years. However, these teens made plea deals to only be charged with a misdemeanor and were sentenced to do community service (“criminals”). How is it that a life has been taken and yet no one is truly held responsible? There are multiple cases similar to Phoebe’s, and so far there have been no changes to our justice system. Some bullies have done jail time, but it is because of other offenses involved with the case. This has been seen in cases of rape and harassment. According to StopBullying.gov, “Suicide is the third leading cause of death for young adults” (“effects”). Clearly, something needs to be done to stop this tragic statistic. Coming to a conclusion, on what should be done, with these cases or any other instances of bullying, is rather difficult. However, pressing criminal charges against a bully whose actions have led to suicide is one way that could put an actual stop to bullying.
The Bully:
When it comes to bullying nearly everyone has heard the old saying “kids will be kids.” This was during that time when this behavior only happened on the playground. With a changing society the term bullying has also been altered. The term bullying is considered as, “An overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller and weaker people” (“bullying”). Bullying can occur at any stage in life and the effects are rather similar. However, bullying of school children is the most talked about group. This is probably because we think that children are helpless and need our assistance to stop the bullying while a person in the...

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...e need to step up and stand up for those who are vulnerable.

Bullying is no longer just a personal problem; it is our society’s problem. Since technology has grown, so has a bully’s ability to constantly pester inside and outside of school. As a nation we have tried many options to stop bullying. From “zero-tolerance” schools, to fining parents and bullies. Unfortunately, there are still many teens and children turning to suicide to end their pain. If one commits suicide, due to being bullied, the bully should be sentenced to prison for their maltreatment of other human beings. Bottom line is we need to start caring about each other and take time out of our busy day to make sure our loved ones are taken care of. What amount of suicides will it take before the bully is blamed and held responsible? For our children’s sake I hope there won’t be anymore.

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