Bullying Is The Most Unsafe Place On School Grounds Essay

Bullying Is The Most Unsafe Place On School Grounds Essay

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Madera High School has a major problem, but nothing is being reported and school is not even aware of this crisis. On the survey the students stated many different places where they believe is the most unsafe place on school grounds. The majority of students put the area where they think is the most unsafe and some even know the exact usafe place. Bullying is a problem at Madera High School is it not just one person saying stating these facts, but about one hundred and eighty-two students out of one hundred and ninety-seven said that in today’s generation bullying/harassment is done through social media the most, but is not limited to just social media. Ninety-One students said they have made a negative comment towards someone on social media. One hundred and fifty students said no they have never made a negative or hurtful comment towards someone on social media. Students usually get bullied at school, and often that leads to those students getting bullied on social networks. Emily Garcia, a sophomore at MHS explains why cyberbullying affects an individual’s academic progress, “...the individual will no longer focus on how well they’re doing in school or their learning, but they will focus mainly on what people are saying about them on the internet.”
Students will never know who can and who will bully them. By doing this survey, we can say that anybody who we least expect can be a bully at some point. Majority of the students at Madera High who said they have been cyberbullied rated the severity level to be 1. About sixty-nine students did not respond because they have never been cyberbullied. When students were asked how much they think cyber bullying affects your peers, majority of the students rated this eight on a scale from...

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...victims do not know how to cope with such measures so they decide to take the “easy” way out.
Esmeralda Madrigal said, “Students bully and harass because they are going through stuff so in order to feel better they wanna hurt others feelings.” She knows what she is talking about because she has been cyberbullied in the past and she rated the severity level to be six. One can only begin to imagine how one feels after getting bullied by someone who has been bullied before. Many bullies bully because they can’t handle the pressure of being bullied so in order to relieve their stress that boils up inside them they use that anger by bullying others. Many people are bullied in school, in order for them to release that stress they go on social media such as facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. Many bullies have low self esteem so they use social sites to make fun of others.

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