Bullying Is The Most Common Form Of Bullying Essay

Bullying Is The Most Common Form Of Bullying Essay

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Bullying is an act that takes several forms although the most common form of bullying is mainly physical. However, bullying can also become verbal and still hurt a lot almost as much as physical bullying. The act of bullying is primarily aimed at making the victim appear weak and demeaned in public. It can impact your personal life through mental health, and it has the effect of humiliating the victim and making them look inferior to the rest. Verbal bullying is a social justice issue which ultimately affects many students. One step we can take together to solve it is to encourage schools and facilities to participate in ant-bulling training programs and encouraging students to be confident and accepts of others.
Four years ago, I moved from Ethiopia to United State. When I was little I always wanted to attend school in the U.S., so, my grandparents decided to send me to America to live with my parents the summer before my freshman year in high school. I was enjoying the summer, I visited my uncle in Washington D.C and spent half of my summer in his house. School started in August that year, and I remember being excited and could wait to go to school in America, meet new people and learn a new language. After a week of school, I realized what students saw when I talked. Students made fun of a word that I did not pronounce correctly; I was frightened to open my mouth or even posed a question in class because I thought the teachers would ask me to repeat it again. I remember coming home crying every day, not eating, just wanting to be left alone.
One day my history teacher told me to wait after class, he would give me a pass for my next class. He sat me down after the bell rang and said “If I 'm honest, I was not expecting a lot of...

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Another alternative steps that should be taken to stop verbal bullying are; First, students should not be afraid to approach a teacher and report cases of verbal harassment. Secondly, rather than giving the bully the upper hand, the targets of verbal bullying should be assertive and ensure that they demoralize the bully from his or her actions by telling off their behavior. Finally, the best way to curb this problem is to ignore the bully and walk away; not letting the immaturity of the bully get to you will eventually shy them away.

Overall, verbal bullying results in deteriorating the mental health of the students and fighting back aggression. School bullying has been identified as a problem behavior among adolescents, affecting school achievement and psychological well-being of students. We all should encourage each other to be confident and accepts of others.

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