Bullying Is The Common Misconception Of Bullying Essay

Bullying Is The Common Misconception Of Bullying Essay

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There is a little girl crying in the corner because someone called her fat; there is a boy who pretends to smile in front of others, but instead he is hurting on the inside because someone made him feel less of himself. These children and teenagers being hurt emotionally occur in many schools. This action is known as bullying. Bullying is the act of physically or verbally abusing someone to intentionally hurt someone’s self-esteem or to make others feel intimidated. While bullying is recognized worldwide, many individuals such as adults or teachers are unaware of when students are being bullied. The common misconception about bullying is that individuals bully others because they want to. However, there are specific reasons that explain the causes of bullying such as bullying someone for their physical flaws and their race and ethnicity
There are many different reasons that cause bullying to occur and a common reason is because bullies like to bully others for their physical flaws. The idea of bullying an individual for their physical flaws originates within the thoughts of the bullies themselves. Bullies tend to think of themselves as perfect. They tend to point out the flaws of others and mock those same individuals for not being like them. Different body types such as fat and bulky, facial defects such as birthmarks and height differences such as being too short are common physical flaws that individuals are bullied for. Vice versa, a bully could also be jealous of other individuals because they do not have any physical flaws, but the bully has many. A bullying situation could potentially occur because the bully will verbally abuse the other individual in order to lower their self-esteem.
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...after the 9/11, there has been a massive increase of bullying among teenage Muslims. He also mentions that the amount of bullying that occurs among the Muslims happens because many individuals have become islamophobic, the fear of all Islamic people. They are bullied because this is how many individuals try to release their aggression.
In conclusion, the occurrence of bullying is multifaceted. The causes of bullying can occur in many different ways, whether it may be a racial issue or a jealousy issue. The causes bullying in the different situations relate to one thing and that is the human thoughts and actions. Stereotypical thinking led to an increase in bullying and so did the aggression of others. As long individuals continue to use bullying as a way to remove their aggression or use stereotypes to bully another, the causes of bullying will remain the unchanged.

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