Bullying Is Pretty Much Like Any Other Bullying Essay

Bullying Is Pretty Much Like Any Other Bullying Essay

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Bullying in the Workplace
Workplace bullying is pretty much like any other bullying. This type of bullying happens when an employee is being threatened or purposely harmed by someone at work. Most employees who are being bullied at work don’t report it to anyone out of fear because quite often it’s their boss that is doing the bullying. “But unlike school bullying, workplace bullies and office mean girls operate within the established rules and policies of their organization in both overt and covert ways. For instance, the bullying may be coached in humiliating coach practices, implemented as part of programs touted as being in the best interest of the employee.” (bullying.about.com/od/Basics/a/What-Is-Workplace-Bullying.htm)
There are many signs of workplace bullying, but I will only introduce you to a few; such as:
• Being talked down on about your sexual orientation, race, and dealing with abuse
• Co-workers ruining work that you worked so hard on and you having to redo the work; therefore, you not meeting your deadline.
• Managers or supervisors causing you hardship in front of other co-workers or customers.
• Being threatened or purposely abused by your boss
Most people that are being bullied in the workplace have their backs up against the wall and find themselves staying in the bad situation dealing with very nasty people because of:
• Not being able to afford to leave
• Not feeling that they will receive justice if they report the bullying
• Loving their jobs with a passion but not the treatment
• Not wanting the bully to win at taking their job away from them
You will most likely be a targeted victim in the workplace if you are very good at your job, smart and committed to each and every deadline; whereas, you go above a...

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...g behind this unjust behavior. Bullying is stemmed from people that can’t seem to cope with the reality that they are not perfect and never will be. Some bullies like to think that they have it so bad in life so they rather make others have it just as bad, but there is always someone else out there who is having it worse than them. Bullying may also cause an employee to commit murder because they have been pushed to the point of no return and they would feel that murder was the dish deserved by the bully. Some forms of bullying can be very barbarism and merciless to the point to make some people commit suicide just to be rid of all the stress and humiliation that comes with bullying. Bullies are the biggest cowards that you can come across and that right there is a fact. You heard the saying millions of times before, but here it goes again; Misery loves company!

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