Bullying Is Killing Our Kids

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“Bullying is killing our kids. Being different is killing our kids and the kids who are bullying are dying inside. We have to save our kids whether they are bullied or they are bullying. They are all in pain.” –Cat Cora. By reading words of my youth by Joe Mackal we can observe how the painful words of others can affect one self, how people by saying those words can get a sense of power, and the importance of bullying itself. Bullying is a subject that has been touched many times, now days there are many campaigns against bullying and many new resources to help and prevent bullying. This story starts off with two boys playing a game of Wiffle ball, when suddenly a kid-man, as the book describes, comes up to the two boys and punches them in the nose, the act of this kid-man is the result of the two boys insulting and bullying his girlfriend by calling her a duke. In the second part of the short story, words of my youth, we see one of the same boys insulting one of his “friends” by calling him a dumb Jew, what’s funny about this story is that the boy does recognize that what he is doing is wrong and he does question himself but he does nothing to stop it. Which is something that people might relate to, but people might also relate to being the victim of bullying, which is my case. Saying hurtful things to others, calling them names or insulting them can give the aggressor a sense of power, by this I mean it makes the bully feel powerful, he feels unstoppable, and he also feels safe because he knows people will fear him. Sometimes one knows that those words should not be said, but for that reason, it is more “fun” to say them. “I call one of my Gentile friends a dumb Jew. Soon all of us revel in the discovery of this new slur. This ... ... middle of paper ... ...hing told me I shouldn’t and I kept quite. For the one of people excluding you from certain groups, I think that’s an issue that may occur at any age from school, close friends and even at work. Bullying can be seen in many different ways, and there are many aspects of bullying, because not only can it happen at school, but it can also happen at home and even at work. There are also several issues concerning bullying, from the bully itself facing many inner problems, to the victim struggling with his own experience of being bullied. Another important issues are the long-term effects bullying has, for me going through middle school being bullied, made me the person I am today, and I would not change anything, because I see it as a lesson, an experience of personal growth and mostly a way in which my experience can help many other people who are going through bulling.
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