Bullying Is Defined As Unwanted, Aggressive Behavior Among School Aged Children

Bullying Is Defined As Unwanted, Aggressive Behavior Among School Aged Children

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“Bullying is defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance”. It can present in various forms such calling someone out of their name, public embarrassment, hitting/pushing, or a combination of these forms. Our group chose to design a program about bullying because it is a topic of importance which seems to be a never ending public health epidemic that creates lifelong health issues. The title of this program is: Everyone Is Important and it is geared towards bringing the seriousness of this behavior to the forefront. This program’s purpose is to get the parents and teachers involved extensively so these bullying occurrences can decrease drastically. Today I’m going to go more in depth on why we specifically chose cyberbullying, the insight that I have gained about bullying, why I agree with the program that we devised, and why this topic is so near and dear to me.
On Day 1 that we met as a group for the first time to discuss which public health issue we would develop a program about and there were so many ideas brought to the table. Initially, our project started out as childhood obesity, but when we were brainstorming this topic, we couldn’t figure out how to transform our idea into a video. On Day 2, it was changed to different types of abuse and we actually started planning at that point. This was out topic for a few days, but then we ran into a roadblock when we started discussing how we were going to incorporate this platform into a video. The voice of reason then spoke to us and we decided to change it once more because we didn’t want to cause any static if we had classmates that were personally dealing with some form of abuse. Finally, we came to a neutr...

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...self into trouble, so I just developed tough skin during the whole ordeal. I hated going to school throughout the whole experience and I was so very glad when it was over.
In conclusion, bullying is never fun and the victims of this terrible act should never place the blame on themselves, as for the reason that they are being attacked. This type of childhood turmoil can cause long-term health issues such as, depression and other mental health problems if it is not handled in a timely manner. I wholeheartedly believe that our program is the solution to a problem that dates back to possibly the beginning of time. Although bullying has been a public health challenge for an extended period of time, it does not have to continue to be a problem. The time for change in order to assist these children is now, more than ever. “Take a stand, lend a hand, Everyone Is Important”.

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