Essay about Bullying Is Becoming A Leading Cause Death Among Teens

Essay about Bullying Is Becoming A Leading Cause Death Among Teens

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Seventy-two percent of people have reported being bullied at least once in their lifetime (Johnston et. al). There are numerous ways to define bullying, however the most common definition is when one or more students tease, threaten, spread rumors, hit, shove, or hurt another student repeatedly (Hugues et. al). Schools should promote bullying awareness to inform students on how bullying is becoming a leading cause of death among teens in the United States.
The most common type of bullying in today’s society is cyber bullying (Smith et. al). Cyberbullying is becoming more familiar among teens throughout the United States as our country becomes more advanced through the use of technology. Online bullying generally happen on social media websites. Cyberbullying can happen at any time of the day. It can be done anonymously or even using a different identity (Hoover). Over 80% of teens use a cell phone regularly (Cartel). This makes the cell phone the most popular form of technology, and an easy way for the bully to harass their victims. Half of young teenagers have experienced a form of cyberbullying and 15% experience it daily (Cartel). In January of 2010, Phoebe Prince was a new student at South Hadley High School. Nine teenagers bullied her over Facebook and harassed her in person. The bullying eventually became too much for Phoebe, so instead of allowing herself to be constantly tormented, she hung herself (Phoebe).
Much like the Phoebe Prince story, many students are not only harassed online but also in person. Verbal bullies attack with constant name calling, put downs, rumors, threats, or intimidation. The instigator uses rude and mean comments in order to destroy another’s self image. They also will use lots of sarcasm with t...

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...e reported many positive results. Some of these include: 50 percent or more students reporting less students are being bullied and are bullying others, peer and teacher ratings of bullying problems have lowered, reports of antisocial behavior such as school bullying, vandalism, school violence, fighting, theft, and truancy have dropped. Also, there is a greater support system for students who are bullied, and more effective interventions for students who bully according to Violence Prevention Works (Olweus).
Bullying is an everyday problem with many complicated solutions. The effects of bullying create many long term problems that can last a lifetime. For most people, understanding and having education on the subject and knowing how to recognize it can make everyone more helpful. More needs to be done to decrease bullying so that all students can feel safe at school.

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