Bullying Is Becoming A Big Problem Essay examples

Bullying Is Becoming A Big Problem Essay examples

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Today a lot of children learn skills and lessons from school as well from the environment they are introduced in. Although school is a place to learn, there are some experience that children might go through, like bullying, and that can negatively impact the students for the rest of their life because they are influenced by it. However, bullying has changed a lot over the years. In the past bullying was seen as verbal and physical harassment and was easy to be controlled because it was a face-to-face interaction. Today, due to the advance of technology bullying has become more dangerous and harder to contain because of cellphones, social media cited, etc. This is known today as cyberbullying.
Bullying has become a big problem mostly in schools. Bullying has changed from being verbal and physical to both cyberbullying and verbal and physical harassment. With the advance of technology over the years bullying has changed a lot. “Twenty years ago bullying was seen as verbal and physical harassment. Today with the advance of technology, internet accessibility, and lack of supervision, kids (mostly teens) are exposed to more channels to bully and to be bullied.” It seems that parents today are not aware of what their children is involved in, which shows how parents are not willing to take responsibility for their children’s action (Peagram). So unlike the bullying from the past, cyberbullying allows the bully to hide his or her identity behind the computer and children are more exposed to more channels to bully and to be bullied. The habit of using technology today requires more supervision because of the impact it has to childrens.
In addition to how bullying has changed over the years, it has become more dangerous because of t...

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...oday bullying has become more dangerous because rather than it being a face-to-face interaction bullying has become more dangerous today because children can target one another. Not only does the things children see on the internet can influence them to do cruel things, Parents, family members, friends, T.V., can be a big influence too. Bullying today has created major problems in our society today. Bullying has become a growing problem in this world and it is something that has happened too long and something we can stop. It is a deeply concerning matter. Even though bullying is hard to stop, it is something that can be controlled and eliminate. There are many ways to put an end to bullying if everyone do their part and together we can make this world a better place and make more students feel more respected and safe at school because most bullying happens at school.

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