Bullying Is Act Of Bullying Essay

Bullying Is Act Of Bullying Essay

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Words, a push, a fight, Hatred, and others, go on and on within the chain reactions of bullying.The words and all others can affect us all as beings if we’re little and young.The act of bullying is unforgivable and should be changed in advance.The problem of bullying induces the predator and attacks the victim with either verbal or physical offence. The victim can be affected in various ways, for example The bullying can affect the victim 's emotions. The Setting of bullying is mostly in schools where young children go.This definitely affects the victim. It’s a problem due to many victims are suffering emotional turmoil from it. It’s usually from a different student who chooses to enact the act of bullying towards a student.The victim will start feeling alone, unable to speak up against it, and have self doubt. It is either the victim or another student who is willing to stop it.Bullying happens from many places and we can’t expect it to stop it all at once.The unforgivable act of bullying should be altered.Bullying is a one-sided act upon another to harm physically or emotionally.Solutions would be to tell the authority, Be in a large group of friends, or walk away. Arguments can be that they should handle it themselves but that’s the reason victims feel alone in the first place. What society and school boards do is not only make bullying a non-tolerable action but a way to be kicked out of school.
One of every four students in schools are bullied throughout the school year. That is around 22-25% of every student. However, even worse, Suicide is around the corner within that area where it’s the 3rd leading cause of deaths, 2 to 9 times of a bully victim are more likely to commit suicide than a non-victim. The...

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... scared to jump in and help someone because that person will hurt me” or “That’s his/her problem not mine.” There is no evidence to support this. The entire problem of this is that this is all about “opinions” rather than “facts”. If facts were thrown in like for example, someone who went through a traumatized state or an emotional conflict, it wouldn 't be a laughing matter. These opinions about being refusing to change something can even be deadly since the victim can do a far worse thing which is known as “suicide”. Now it went from someone not caring to the result of death. I believe we should stop this act of emotional, physical, and mental harm from not only the victim or the witnesses but to prevent it in schools and on the internet, but unfortunately not even a simple thing from a paper like this will stop Bullying, this will take a lot of effort to stop this.

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