Bullying Is A Recurring Issue Essay

Bullying Is A Recurring Issue Essay

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Bullying is a recurrent issue that can be found in many, if not all, schools across the world. It is a universal action. “Bullying is broadly defined as intentional and repeated acts that occur through direct verbal (threatening, name calling), direct physical (hitting and/or kicking), and indirect forms (spreading rumors, influencing relationships, and cyber-bullying), and it typically occurs in situations in which there is a power or status difference” (O’Brennan, Waasdorp, & Bradshaw, 2014). In a study done among 876 students in grades 4, 5 and 6, researchers came to the conclusion that nearly 30% of students commit acts of bullying against their classmates, with reports of bullying being two times higher than the rate of bullying itself. “Aggression and peer victimization are significant problems for many elementary and middle school students” (Jensen, Brisson, Bender &Williford, 2013). According to Lindsey M. O’Brennan, Tracy E. Waasdorp and Catherine P. Bradshaw, in their article “Strengthening Bullying Prevention Through School Staff Connectedness”, they state “In a recent national survey, 75% of teachers had a student report a verbal bullying incident to them, 58% heard reports of relational bullying, 50% physical bullying, and 14% cyberbullying.”
“Given the widespread concerns about bullying, a myriad of school-based anti-bullying programs have been developed and a good number of them have also been evaluated (Smith, Pepler & Rigby, 2004)” (Juvonen & Schacter, 2016). Most of these programs are primary prevention programs implemented at the school level, which require all students to participate. “Program evaluations assess whether there are fewer reports of bullying perpetration as well as victimization experiences aft...

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... the support amongst students, this will increase the amount of comfort between students and teachers and give them the ability to talk to an adult about recurrent issues.
Ultimately, there are many ways to go about the prevention of bullying in school settings. Whether it be through teacher-student connectedness, or figuring out the underlying problems that are causing the bullying to occur. What matters most is that schools are taking a stand against an issue that has plagued our world with its presence. Many studies have been conducted and theories have been speculated in order to posit the paramount of ways to put an end to bullies and victimization. Truthfully speaking there is no simple solution to putting an end to bullying all together. Although it may not be simple, finding a solution is very much a possibility and with generations to come it will be found.

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