Bullying Is A Prominent Concern Facing Youth Essay

Bullying Is A Prominent Concern Facing Youth Essay

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Bullying is a prominent concern facing youth in elementary, middle, and high schools and colleges across the United States and around the world. 17% of the students report being victimized 30% of young people admit to bullying themselves, and 74% of college students on a varsity athletic team report going through hazing.Though The majority of bullying research has been conducted in the academic setting It can take many direct and indirect schemes, including name-calling, taunting, teasing, physical violence, spiteful and petty rumor-spreading, and social exclusion nonetheless, roughly one-third of bullying incidents occur outside of this context, for instance in sports. Sports are one of the most common activities which the youth participate in, and basic evidence suggests that bullying occurs a lot in physical activity settings such as in games of basketball or anything for that matter.

There is no room for bullying in youth sports and I will never understand how it’s thought of as a normal part of growing up, It’s sad, but true, that kids assume that one way to keep progressing in the sports pyramid is to eliminate competition and drive kids to quit, especially if they recognize them as competitive threats, through mocking or bullying and whatever makes them extremely unhappy and sees quitting as a better alternative than to being abused going through depression maybe even substance abuse or suicidal thoughts/acts and in extreme cases, teasing in youth sports leads to awful events, such as the teasing that led to death in April 2005 a thirteen-year-old boy in California beat a fifteen-year-old boy to death.

It was death from the bat, The 15-year-old murdered by another boy had gotten hit in the head with a baseball bat aft...

... middle of paper ...

...the team as the only way to get the abuse to stop, for example,in the NFL Miami Dolphin’s offensive tackle Jonathan Martin was being bullied by teammate Richie Incognito, As a result On November 3, 2013, the Dolphins suspended Incognito for mischief related to the treatment of teammate Jonathan Martin. These are the many ways professional organizations are cracking down on such bad behavior to avoid misconduct and abuse.

Never pretend bullying doesn’t exist or think athletes already are aware of all the consequences and actions that take place in such events from name-calling, taunting, teasing, physical violence, spiteful and petty rumor-spreading, and social exclusion. Nonetheless bad sportsmanship is out of our control and overlooked. Things need to be done such as Training of coaches, Educating of parents, Educating of athletes and increase of reporting

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