Bullying Is A Problem Faced By Everyone Essay

Bullying Is A Problem Faced By Everyone Essay

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Bullying is a problem faced by everyone in the world, whether because of race, sexual orientation or clothing and many others in between. Everyone faces bullying and celebrities are no different. With their lives in the open for any one to see, it is hard to have star status and a personal life that is, personal. Celebrities are judged based on every move they make and like any normal human that judgment has an effect on them. People forget that while celebrities live in the public eye they are only human, who deal with normal human problems. They deal with bullying, addiction and loss the same way the rest of us do. Bullying has just as much of an effect on celebrities as average people.
Miley Cyrus is one celebrity who has grown up in the public eye, not only is she famous in her own right but her father Billy Ray Cyrus is also famous. Miley has spoken up about her childhood and being bullied, people made fun of her saying her dad was a one hit wonder. She was also bullying bullied for her appearance, like her acne and because depressed to the point of locking herself in her room and the door having to be broken down. When Miley decided to leave behind her Disney character Hannah Montana and pursue her own career the public had a strong opinion on the many decisions that followed. Most still saw her as that little girl on Disney, not realizing she was a mature woman capable of making her own decisions. Miley Cyrus has always given people something to talk about, from a photo series in Vanity Fair to her provocative outfits and performances. While the public may not agree with the choices Miley has made, she is a supporter of many causes, such as animal rights and gay rights. She is a very out spoken person on her beliefs of t...

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...tt left twitter due to negativity. She was receiving threats from people about their own well being and it became to much for her to handle. People making threats to their own well being is a common thing on social media, people seem to think if they make these comments the celebrity will notice them and follow them. People take things to far making comments like these when there are people who actually suffer from self harm. This is bullying trying to make celebrities feel bad for not following these people. While celebrities appear to have great lives and everything they could want, that is no right to bully them. Like any human, bullying has an effect on them. One person saying hurtful things doesn 't hold much weight but hundreds of people saying the same thing does. Just like any human, it 's easy to ignore one hurtful comment but it 's hard to ignore hundreds.

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