Essay about Bullying Is A Part Of Life

Essay about Bullying Is A Part Of Life

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Everyone says “girls will be girls” that as girls we go through a stage of fighting, manipulating and teasing but is it just actually a stage or is it the nature of girls A rite of passage you could say. Bullying is a part of life, teasing with no life lasting effects people say. As a girl no matter what age you are you have probably been bullied at one time or another by a girl. “Bullying is a behavior that can be defined as the repeated attack- physical, psychological, social, or verbal- by those in a position of power, formally or situationally defined, on those who are powerless to resist, with the intention of causing distress for their own gain or gratification” (Besag, 2006). Besag really describes girl bullying to a perfection; that is how girls bully.
Girls bully for several different reasons insecurity, bullied at home, need to feel powerful, attention, and have personal issues. In a focus group held by in Australia reasons girls gave for their behaviors were self-protection, power, and revenge, seeking attention, boredom and jealousy.
Girls have various different ways of bullying such as direct bullying which are physical and verbal attacks of bullying. The most common type of bullying for girls is subtle which is referred to as relational aggression. “Relational aggression refers to harm within relationships that is caused by covert bullying or manipulative behavior. (Young, 2010) There are two types of relational aggression, reactive and instrumental aggression. Reactive relational aggression is exhibited in response to feeling threatened or angry. Instrumental relational aggression is the manipulation of a relationship or the use of aggression. Girls prefer to use indirect forms of aggression because of how they ...

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...erentiation in modes of aggression as, by this time, each boy has found his place in the male dominance hierarchy so physical challenges become increasingly rare (Ahlgren 1983; Pellegrini 1988; Smith and MyronWilson 1988). More subtle means of displaying power replace the physical fights between boys so common in their earlier years. As there is more use of indirect aggression by boys, the gender difference lessens.”(Besag, 2006)

Bullying is more common is rural areas/small towns than it is in the big city. Bullying usually occurs on school grounds. Bullying can be found in all social classes of students. According to Besag there was an assumption that there was no gender differences when it comes to bullying but they have found out recently that there is more bullying among girls that they once thought because of the difference of how girls bully compare to boys.

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