Bullying Is A Major Problem Essay

Bullying Is A Major Problem Essay

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Bullying has become a major problem in our society. It was bad a decade ago and progressively gets worse over time. Bullying situations usually involve more than the bully and the victim and are too common. There are witnesses known as bystanders who watch as the terror goes on however this generation has a sensitive spot for those bullied and bring awareness to the situation. America is a country full of freedom in everything one aspires however freedom does not mean to “put down others” which bullying does. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but many people confuse opinion with just unnecessary, hurtful speech. One place to start with to end the bullying is with the people looking in at the problem. Remember to, “treat other how you would want to be treated” many people forget this simple way of life.What do people do when they see someone being bullied? Bystanders react in three ways, watch because they are afraid, encourage the bully, or help the situation in many different ways. Bullying is a major life affecting issue that will be resolved one day and there are steps in achieving this goal which will begin with understanding and addressing the physiological thoughts in the bystanders.
People who watch as their peers endure the verbal or physical abuses of another person could become as psychologically distressed like both parties, the bully and the victim. “It is well documented that adolescents who are exposed to violence within their families or outside of school are at a greater risk for mental health problems than those children who are not exposed to any violence in their environment” (Witnesses to Bullying May Face..). “It should be no surprise that violence in schools will pose the same kinds of risk.” ...

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...ders react and potentially help them. Bystanders react in three ways, watch because they are afraid, encourage the bully, or help the situation in many different ways. Bullying is a major life affecting issue that will be resolved one day and there are steps in achieving this goal which will begin with understanding and addressing the physiological thoughts in the bystanders and just remember, “treat others how you would want to be treated” many people forget this simple way of life. Less conflict results when one shows kindness and understanding. However don 't become ignorant to the issue because it will always be there, but you have the opportunity to make a difference wherever you might be in any situation. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but do not confuse opinion with just unnecessary, hurtful speech because you could really damage someone 's life.

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