Essay about Bullying Is A Form Of Drama And Violence

Essay about Bullying Is A Form Of Drama And Violence

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Bullying is a form of drama and violence to torment victims because they are either different from their tormenters or the tormenters have some insecurity/ jealousy issues . The hate towards their victim has something to do with the victim having an extraordinary gift or being intelligent the bully has yet to become. It is important that this behavior should be prevented or this issue will become worse. Bullying is one of the main issues public and private schools have to face on a day-to-day basis. When the bullies takes it too far, the victim snaps and retaliates against them by fighting them back physically or verbally. Not many victims does this for fear of retaliation ; nonetheless some victims are brave enough to fight back. In life, bullying will affect a child’s future as they grow up to become adults. If this issue continues , he or she has a right to report them or find guidelines on handling bullies. Bullying occurs when the bully fights or insults the victim and the victim fights him/her back which leads to a positive or negative effect on their social life and learning.
First, problems of the victim who face every obstacle possible of bullying can go worse when the bully brings their popular friends in making the victim feel less confident about themselves. They will get to the point of feeling alone, not going to school or become sick. Furthermore , students who cyber-bully or is self-involved mess with others because they think poorly of them or trying to fit. Rueger and Jen...

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... clothing they wear or how “cool” they are, the victims could have been accepted by a modest group/clique that has no prior history of bullying. The authors suggest that bullying is wrong and it has a negative impact on students who bully, are bullied and in schools. Building confidence and strength are the victim’s only chance to combat bullying. Lots of people will be facing bullying as a big obstacle and the consequences behind it could direct them to a complex path. Bullying is a crime and it needs to be prevented before anybody faces the risk factors of losing their confidence in making friends , psychological well-being and even their lives. Only if anti-bullying campaigns and laws can work together to make this world a better place without bullying and violence.

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