Essay on Bullying Evolution: Cyber-bullying

Essay on Bullying Evolution: Cyber-bullying

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At some point during your childhood, you may have encountered that troubled individual, typically known as the “bully” that drove fear in the hearts of the weakest link by humiliating them, taking what is rightfully theirs, constantly picking on them and sometimes even inflicting physical abuse. Well I hate to break it to you but this individual is back and is more equipped than before, preying on the weak and vulnerable in the cyber world (internet). Most recently, it took a crime wave of “cyber bullying” before our media and leaders in the Untied States gave it attention; now that the American people realize that the “classroom bully” has evolved into a more dangerously clever and sinister inflictor of emotional scars, invader of privacy and has the potential to inflict life threatening humiliation. It is very difficult to put a stop to a crime of this nature and it will continue to get a lot of attention because it operates within the World Wide Web, an unregulated platform with a mixture of cultures and its own rules for governance by its creators. However, there are ways to deal with this new form of power, people are becoming more aware of cyber-bullying, schools are stepping by enforcing strict expulsion for bullying in any form and parents are enforcing internet usages.
First, let us get a deeper understanding of this behavior, by carefully defining and identifying the possible sources or reason for such behaviors. Bullying is the constant act of aggressive behavior of intimidation to intentionally hurt another person, physically or mentally. Bullies continuously torture others to gain power and strength over the person being bullied. Conventional bullying involved acts such as: verbal abuse (teasing and name-calling) a...

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