Bullying : Bullying, The Behavior Of An Individual Essay

Bullying : Bullying, The Behavior Of An Individual Essay

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In order for bullying to be bullying, the behavior of an individual must be aggressive towards another. Bullying is when one individual believes that they are better than another just because he/she might be self -conscious about themselves and also don 't usually care about victim. Bullying is defined by perspective, because some may find shaming as bullying, while others find physical abuse as a true form of bullying. When they are bullying a person, the victim 's feelings is nowhere in the harasser’s thought process. The individual that is being bullied is not a specific person, it is usually a random victim. The victim will only fight back when they are pushed to sort of a breaking point and can no longer put up with the way they are being treated. Bullying comes from more boys than it does girls, due to boys having to one up the other and be on top of everything. Most of the time, the bully wants to feel superior to the person who they decide to taunt or pick at. Power imbalances can have a heavy roll by making an individual feel the need to become a bully.
There are many different types of bullying including verbal, social, and physical. Usually, a more practiced technique of bullying is when the bully will call an individual names being a verbal bully and this may include teasing and taunting as well. Also a bully can actually cause bodily harm to an individual and will break or steal a person 's items. A more recent form of bullying is cyber bullying, on the internet you can just about do or say whatever you please but there is a digital footprint left behind. Cyber bullying and social bullying are similar along the lines of wanting to embarrass others or spreading rumors, focussing on singeling a person to ultimately lea...

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...self confidence can have long lasting consequences affecting social life and workplaces. After being a victim of such events, it can be hard to want to carry out day to day tasks. Students who experienced the bullying or harassing will become quieter and not want to participate in activities the victim would find enjoyable. With being bullied or harassed, if it becomes constant, victims think it is better to keep to themselves rather than tell someone. In an online article on the American Osteopathic Association , Cyberbullying and its Effect on our Youth says, “Therefore, bullying is a problem that, if left unattended, can become a significant hurdle in a child’s development.” Since bullying and harassing of any kind can affect someone in countless ways, more victims come together to spread the word of how others feel who may be too quiet to speak up for themselves.

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