Essay on Bullying : Bullying And Adolescent Development

Essay on Bullying : Bullying And Adolescent Development

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Nationwide, there are more than one quarter of the students in grades 6 through 12 that are victims of bullying (Pearson, 2014). Daily in the United States, there are new stories involving various bullying situations continuously making appearances on television, social media, and newspaper outlets. Many of these bullying incidents have and can lead to suicides, school shootings, and other tragic endings for today’s youth. The once harmless adolescent rite of passage has evolved into a severe obstacle that is affecting the success of the United States entire education system (Pearson, 2014). In this paper, bullying, the forms of bullying, the individual factors and multiple circumstances that affect bullying and adolescent development, and the prevention methods that are essential to abolishing this nuisance entitled bullying will be explained.
Bullying has become a substantial problem in today’s society and ensues during a person’s entire lifespan, and in multiple social settings. The definition of bullying typically labels this cruelty as a specific type of aggressive behavior that causes distress or harm, demonstrates an imbalance of power, and is repeated over time (Hoot & Piotrowski, 2008). These behaviors involve continuous exposure to an individual who uses their physical or relational aggression towards someone to hurt them with teasing, name calling, ridicule, threats, rumors, harassment, taunting, social exclusion, or etc. Such antagonism brings extreme fulfillment to the bully, which then aids in lengthening this ongoing bullying cycle further (Hoot & Piotrowski, 2008).
During the 1980s and 1990s research literature done on bullying was more focused on outlining the bully and the victim and did not focus on the bysta...

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...anti- bullying programs or strategies that require adults associated with the school (e.g., parents, teachers, administrators, and community support staff) to receive specialized training in recognizing and preventing violence and bullying in schools (Hoot & Piotrowski, 2008). In order to have effective violence prevention programs teachers, parents, school staff, students, and etc. must be able to analyze the behaviors taking place within that specific environment. The training implemented should be an ongoing program that includes continuous retraining and does regular assessments of progress towards eliminating bullying in that school or community (Hoot & Piotrowski, 2008). All of these aspects will ensure that staff, parents, children, and teachers have a valid understanding of bullying, identifying their behaviors, and ways to report and prevent these situations

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