Bullying : Be Smart, Don 't Start? Essay

Bullying : Be Smart, Don 't Start? Essay

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Bullying? Be smart, don’t start.
Bullying comes in many disgusting and hurtful forms, it’s a fast emerging problem that may children and teen face on a daily base. I believe that bullying has become a humongous problem in our society. Numerous people don’t take this issue very seriously, they think that it’s a one time thing or think that the victim should be able to fend for themselves. Bullying is a huge problem and needs to be put to an end. Bullying can happen just about anywhere, especially at school.Bullying can lower a person 's self esteem and their confidence. Not only does the issue affect the child but it also affects the adults. The current regulations, rules, and punishments are not enough and are not being enforced very well.
It is agreed by many that bullying is hurtful and aggressive behavior toward other person. Different forms of bullying include verbal abuse (spreading rumors, teasing, name calling.) Another form is physical abuse (vandalizing someone 's property and hitting or kicking.) Out of the two forms of bullying verbal abuse is the most common. 28% of U.S. students in grades 6-12 experienced bullying. 20% of U.S, students in grades 9-12 experienced bullying. Three reason I believe that bullying is wrong is because it could cause them to put pressure on themselves, it could lower their self esteem, and bullying could also lead to someone committing suicide.
A child who is being bullied have way too much pressure on themselves. In middle school and high school, times could be be very stressful and difficult. My students are trying to fit in and being accepted by their peers. At times when a student doesn’t receive acceptance, they close themselves off, the may not enjoy after school clubs or sports and may...

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...idn’t know if she could take it anymore. She told me that even her own friend had told her that she needed to go home and kill herself. Bullying is associated with the increase in suicide risk in many young people. Bullying has long term effects on suicide risk and mental health, which can follow one into adulthood.
Bullying is something that is taught, if someone is taught to be a bully then they and e taught not to be a bully. Unfortunately, not to be a bully has to be taught during a young age.
If a child is taught to treat people how they want to be treated, understand empathy, and avoid rasim. The child may be apart of the future and may one day lower the number of bullies or even better get rid of the whole bully situation. Parents and teachers are also involved in the situation, they both should be aware of signs of bullying and always communicate with them.

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