Essay about Bullying And The Vicious Cycle Of Bullying

Essay about Bullying And The Vicious Cycle Of Bullying

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Bullying in schools is a more widespread problem than many people in today’s society are aware of. Studies show, “Almost 30 percent of teens in the United States (or over 5.7 million) are estimated to be involved in school bullying as either a bully, a target of teen bullying, or both” (“School”). With the growing popularity of social media and cell phones, comes increasing ways students may be bullied. Everyone is subject to bullying; however, it tends to be the weaker students that are repeatedly bullied to the point that the bullying becomes a serious issue. To combat the vicious cycle of bullying in schools, society should make sure students have all resources necessary to report bullying, build self-confidence in both the bully and the victim, and educate students, teachers, and parents on how to properly handle bullying.
The first key step in the fight to combat bullying in schools is to make sure students have access to all the resources necessary to report bullying. Unfortunately, many times students who are bullied in schools may not feel comfortable reporting that they have been bullied. One reason a student may not feel comfortable reporting that they have been bullied is the student that is being bullied has been threatened not to report by the bully. Many students believe that if they report that they are being bullied, it will only cause more bullying to take place. Another reason students may not want to report bullying is that they have previously reported bullying and have been shot down. Many times students will report that they are being bullied to the wrong person, and that person will tell them things like “suck it up” or “be tougher.” Making students feel like they should not be bothered by bul...

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...ntually turn around and be a bully, so they are unwilling to help the bullied student. Furthermore, the most common obstacle is the people that believe students who are being bullied should just “suck it up.” Telling a student with bullying issues to simply “suck it up” could potentially push that student to have deeper issues.
The issue of bullying in schools is certainly a real problem all across the world. In order to successfully combat bullying in schools, students, teachers, and parents must all work together to educate themselves in all areas of bullying. If a student is bullied it could affect all aspects of that students life, therefore it is essential that all students, teachers, and parents come together to end the vicious cycle of bullying. Combatting bullying in schools not only stops students from being bullied, it could save a student’s life.

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