Bullying And The Public Education System Essay

Bullying And The Public Education System Essay

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Bullying in schools is an ever growing enormity to children growing up in recent history. Bullying is most prominent in the public education system, primarily due to little, or lack thereof a system to deal with such a problem. Haley Ringle, a reporter from the Arizona Republic, proclaimed that until “ 2005 the Arizona School District 's anti-bullying policy wasn’t even established yet.” Stated from the same article “House Bill 2415, which passed in the spring, requires schools to provide forms for students, parents and district employees to report detailed descriptions of bullying and intimidation” (Ringle 10). Although the system was flawed, the Arizona State Legislation still provided students with the tools necessary to report bullying in a professional manner. Students aren’t always, but are typically exposed to bullying at some time in their schooling life. They may be experiencing it vicariously, but are none the less exposed. Although steps against bullying are being achieved, many people disregard the importance of the understanding the causality of the bully 's actions, the steps being taken to counteracting bullying, as well as the effects of a child being bullied.
A bully, is almost always demonized, and is rarely shown with compassion and humanity. Psychologically, bullying may be a result from some form of emotional trauma. This trauma can be obtained from many factors, but are often times linked to internal family disputes, or even a lack of involvement from the child 's school. As a child grows up in a similar environment with a negative impact of family interaction and without aid from their peers, they may grow detached from themselves and can develop insecurities. When a bully is perpetually exposed to this fo...

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...urrently trying to be understood, but has oftentimes been claimed to be linked a bully 's childhood and the relationship between their family. Schools are trying more than ever to apprehend the source of bullying and exterminate it.Adversely its been proven difficult to lessen a bully 's hold on its victim due to to the severity of the students mental health and their ineptness to feel capable to stand against their ill-treatment. It is above all the epitome of importance that people as a whole stand together to fight bullying in schools. For these students that bring down those who they deem lesser, must be taken care of not with violence, for violence will only feed the vicious cycle that is currently in place. It should instead be fought with understanding and equity, as giving the tools for a righteous path will give the opportunity for a better future for all.

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