Essay on Bullying And The Elementary And Secondary Education Level

Essay on Bullying And The Elementary And Secondary Education Level

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There are many topics to be address when facing certain issues or controversies in schools whether it is through an elementary or secondary education level. Same-sex education, bullying, teen pregnancy, abuse/neglect, and etc. are all topics that can be hard to understand or address formally to students, but through this project many topics that were once unknown have now been presented to the class. The class was told to choose a topic based on the level of education they were pursuing a career in, so I choose bullying in elementary school. I didn’t realize that there were so many different from of bullying in elementary school, I always thought it was just either verbal or physical bullying, but there is also relational and cyber bullying. This project was excellent in the way that it allowed for all of the students to do their own research on such diverse topics and present it to the class. I was able to get a more in-depth understanding of bullying through my research this semester and some of the information I found was astounding.
There were many great presentations given in the past week about controversial topics related to students in elementary and secondary school. Topics that were discussed, throughout the two days of presentations, were ones such as autism, self esteem, poverty on development and sexual risks. Even though some of the topics like sexual risks wouldn’t necessarily be discussed in the age range I want to teach, elementary, it was still intriguing to learn about because I could teach this to high school aged children I know. However I was intrigued with this topic because it raises the question of what age should we really be teaching children about sexual health? Perhaps by educating them earlier, the...

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... how teachers could approach different styles of bullying or how to detect if a child is being bullied. I would also include ways that teachers can find those who are being isolated from others and mix them with other children, by switching up the seating arrangements every month. By switching the seating arrangements up, the students can create more connections and friendships, which will hopefully bring down the bullying rates. By presenting different options on my board it would’ve allowed for a stronger presentation, than the weak one I gave last Wednesday. One other thing I would change too, is perhaps include some visuals, like a video or an interactive map that my viewers can see during my presentation to capture their attention. Overall, I felt like I did fairly decent with my research, but I know I could’ve done a lot more than what I gave for this project.

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