Bullying And Its Impact On The Victim Essay example

Bullying And Its Impact On The Victim Essay example

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A bully will never cease from intimidating others; he or she enters the work place and continue to terrorize colleagues with his or her disruptive and hurtful behavior. Almost everyone has succumbed to bullying in his or her life, whether in the role as an innocent target, horrible aggressor, or tacit bystander. Thus, recently social media seems to express utter disdain with bullies terrifying innocuous classmates in schools, but many organizations overlook workplace bullying and underestimate its power since it is not a punishable offense. Consequently, almost 14 million American adults succumb to bullying daily, and millions more experience the mortifying consequences of witnessing the maltreatment (Namie 2011). Therefore, this brief research will disclose the definition of workplace bullying, its impact on the victim, the family and the organization, and ways to prevent this destructive phenomenon from occurring in the work environment.

Thus, bullying is a methodical operation of interpersonal destruction that endangers a person’s health, career, and job. Furthermore, it is a non-physical, non-homicidal manner of violence and abuse, and it causes severe emotional harm. Although bullying is not illegal, it occurs four times more than sexual harassment or racial discrimination in the workplace (Namie 2015). Additionally, bullying is a destructive, silent epidemic that thoroughly devastates lives, careers, and families of millions (Namie 2009). Subsequently another term for workplace bullying is “mobbing” which is a group activity in which the click singles out one person to face termination on the job (Davenport et al 1999). Furthermore it involves pre-meditated, continual, malevolent ill-treatment of one employee by one or mo...

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...ound would change his or her disparaging behavior, but this research indicates that the bully does not halt his or her behavior; they resume terrorizing even into adulthood and in the workplace. Additionally, research indicates that workplace bullying is a current problem which plagues companies throughout America. Hence, the cost to ignore this behavior is detrimental to the success of the company and the wellbeing of the innocent targets. Finally, it is the employer’s responsibility to execute measures to protect each invaluable employee and to eradicate all forms of abuse in order for the work environment to be one in which everyone can excel, grow and flourish. As one would expect, failure or reluctance of managers and supervisors to take action against this vicious and hurtful conduct affects a corporation’s bottom line and produces an extremely toxic workplace.

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