Bullying And Its Effect On Society Essay

Bullying And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Bullying can be defined as the act of using aggressive behavior repeatedly in order to abuse someone socially weaker than you. It is an act that Bullying is not limited to physical aggression, but also verbal as well. Bullying is a constant problem that happens every day. In this paper, I will discuss the various types of bullying and the effects they leave on society.
The most common type of bullying that we know is physical bullying. Physical bullying can be described as anything that has bodily contact. For example, Punching, slapping, kicking, etc. are all examples of physical bullying. Statistics show that bullying occurs more among males than females. There can be many plausible reasons as to why one would physical bully someone. One reason is that the bully may have low self-esteem and uses bullying as an outlet to make they feel better. Bullies tend to pick on weaker individuals in order to assure they are the dominant power. Physical bullying is a lot easier to spot out because of the fact that the effects are much more severe. Some individuals have the mindset that in order to prove their superiority, they have to pick on the weak. Although physical bullying is proven to the worst type, it almost never begins with violence. Usually victims experience different types of bullying first then it builds up to physical action.

The next example of bullying is verbal bullying. Verbal bullying can be defined as a type of bullying that involves the use of some type of language. Verbal bullying can have just as big as an effect as physical bullying does. The objective of verbal bullying is to degrade your victim by using derogatory and offensive language. Verbal bullying typically happens with girls rather than boys. Social exc...

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...can also occur in other areas such as workplaces. Bullying can even be displayed on television or the radio. Even though bullying is not an immediate effect for suicide, studies show that bullying is often the boiling point for suicide victims. Bullying can affect a person’s learning process, the depression and stress that the victim experiences can cause them to have trouble learning in school. Once a victim starts experiencing mental issues, it gets harder for them to concentrate. Bullying often leads to violent behavior, in some of the cases we see random acts of violence displayed on the news that can be linked to bullying the perpetrator experienced as a kid. Bullying has no positive outcome for either the bully itself or the victim. It leads to a negative shed on society, and is something that a good amount of people either witnessed before or been a victim of.

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