Bullying And Harrasment Essay

Bullying And Harrasment Essay

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Bullying and harassment have been long time problems in public schools worldwide. Factors such as race, skin color, physical features, gender, or religion can play a role in the way school children and adolescents are mistreated. Although bullying and harassment has always existed, these two problems have recently worsened. Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year and suicide is the third leading cause of deaths among young people making it a whopping 4,400 deaths per year. This is an alarming number regarding how much the numbers have risen that concern bullying and harassment. When bullying is brought up, people tend to automatically link bullying and American schools. However, it goes much more deeper than that, and the roots of bullying have not only spread out of school districts in the United States, but throughout the world as well. Just as bullying is a worldwide problem, harassment is too. It can range from a kid picking on another kid in the school hall to a grown man criticizing a work member in Australia. Several cases have been reported as well as several stories have been spread throughout the world, and no matter where they came from, these all have one thing in common: the involvement of bullying and harassment.
Most often, the word “bully” is associated with physical abuse naturally because that is how bullying has been perceived as from influence. Physical bullying and harassment undoubtedly do exist but mainly from late elementary grades to middle school students. Although this doesn't necessarily mean that it only happens strictly from the transition of elementary to middle school, a large percentage of physical bullying happens in these age groups. Physical bullying can include anything fro...

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