Bullying And Harassment And Bullying Essay

Bullying And Harassment And Bullying Essay

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Bullying and Harassment Essay
Imagine coming home from school, you are already upset from getting bullied and then your phone starts beeping. It repeatedly keeps alerting you and it fills up with hateful messages and threats. This is the life of a child who is bullied and harassed, this happens to them constantly until they eventually implode. Adults think of bullying as kids being kids and being a part of life; but, no child should go through the pain and torture of that. Bullying happens across the world, with no cure to it, it 's a plague that needs to stop. Children from the UK, France, and many other countries are subjected to this. In the United States, many cases have been dealt with which involves pre-teens and teens committed suicide due to experiencing bullying and harassment. The result of that is, new laws were created that protect students and make sure they are protected. Unfortunately, it is still an issue that need to be solved.
Usually students from ages 12 and up are oppressed by bullying and harassment. Most cases happen around when kids are in Middle School and older because of them hitting puberty and trying to find themselves. In Madera, California at Madera High School, bullying and harassment in the past used to be an issue to the School district help fix it. But, there are still things that needs some fixing. Students still get bullied and harassed because of their skin color, ethnicity, and where they stand in their social status. As technology improves, new ways of this disease evolve and it has evolved into a new way of bullying and harassment called cyber bullying and cyber harassment. Cyberbullying and harassment involves kids using social media to bully and harass their victim....

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...through having to feel insecure about themselves because it does affect you in the long run. The difference between bullying and harassment is that bullying can be physical while harassment isn’t but can lead to it.
In some cases people might mix up bullying and harassment, where they might think harassment is when a person who is harassing the kid, but it is the opposite. When kids bully they tend to do it because they want to be empowered or they are jealous of the person they want to pick on. Students and even teachers see bullying as in harassment they don’t. Individuals can’t help if they can’t see. Bullying only in occurs where the bully feels comfortable but harassment can happen anywhere. The world needs to be updated and educated on how bullying and harassment works in the 21st century because bullying might go away but it always evolves into something else.

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