Bullying : A No Laughing Matter Essay

Bullying : A No Laughing Matter Essay

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Bullying: A No Laughing Matter
Fat. Stupid. Skinny. Ugly. Retarded. These are a couple words that are thrown at you every day at school. What is thought of as a ‘‘little teasing’’ is a national problem. across the globe schools are facing a problem that threatens the livelihood of all students and staff in a school environment; Bullying. Every day millions of teens are bullied or rather are bullies themselves. On a regular basis bullying is happening and can lead to a drop in academic performance, self-esteem, emotional problems and poor social relations. In school settings, teachers and students “do not have an adequate understanding of what constitutes bullying” (Cohen 4). Those who witness bullying have not a clue of what bullying is and how to identify it, the result of them unable to recognize the act taking place leads to the bullying unnoticed. Bullying is associated to student suicides, school shooting and poor academic progress. This issue cannot be corrected with a one-size-fit-all solution. Instead, school bullying is a complicated problem that requires deep understanding of the issue and school based interventions.
Bullying is a pervasive problem found in elementary, middle, and high schools across the United States and the world (Cohen 1). This problem occurs every day, and with Over 77 percent of students bullied verbally, mentally, and physically. Ashley Cohen states in her article there are two forms of bullying; direct and indirect (2). Hitting, kicking, and pushing are examples of physical violence a form of direct bullying. Verbal bullying is harmful name calling, sneering and mockery. Indirect bullying involves the bully eugenically isolating a student, spreading malicious rumors, and public humiliation. Each ...

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...ing incidents enables students to feel more confident about doing so as well” (Reid et al., 2004), which would give a sense of social responsibility and the students would see teachers as an role model that works for the greater good for everyone. Additionally, anti-bullying methods are most effective when the school, parents and community involved.
When implemented, these solutions have proven to adequately combat school bullying and improve overall safety for students. This outcome is obtained when society and schools take responsible. If society cannot deal with this disturbing problem we will continue seeing children suffering from long-term effects of bullying. Our students and our society deserve a safe environment where all members can grow and achieve their full potential; where they can be themselves without the fear of judgment and mockery from classmates.

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