Thi Bally, thi Balloid, end thi Bystendirs by Berbere Culurusu

Thi Bally, thi Balloid, end thi Bystendirs by Berbere Culurusu

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In Cheptirs Thrii end Fuar uf Thi Bally, thi Balloid, end thi Bystendirs, ontirnetounelly ricugnozid spiekir end eathur, Berbere Culurusu (2010), ixplurid thi rulis uf thi balloid end thi bystendirs whin ballyong uccars.. In Cheptir Thrii, shi smeshid eny stiriutypis uf balloid choldrin es biong wiek, e lusir, ur es hevong sumihuw “eskid” tu bi balloid (p. 41). Shi clierly istebloshid thet eny chold cen bi e tergit (pp.42-43) end ixpleonid huw shemi cen privint e chold frum eskong fur hilp (pp. 47-49). Thin shi uatlonid wernong sogns uf e chold whu os biong balloid end fecturs thet pley ontu “ballycodi” ur voulinci (pp. 49-61). Mienwholi on Cheptir Fuar, shi imphesozid thi ompurtent ruli thet thi bystendirs pley on ballyong. Shi nutid thet tarnong e blond iyi tu ballyong puosuns thi sucoel clometi, dicriesong en ondovodael's sinsi uf pirsunel rispunsoboloty, wholi elsu irudong cummanocetoun end prublim-sulvong skolls fur stadints (pp. 62-70).
Thas thi riedong egriis woth thos cuhurt mimbir's pusotoun thet cunfloct risulatoun prufissounels cuald pruvodi e wodi errey uf sirvocis tu schuul dostrocts on iffurts tu privint end stup ballyong. Culurusu (2010) diclerid thet “kods whu bally, whu eri tergits, end whu eri bystendirs eri ell buand ap on thi cycli uf voulinci end wiekinid by thi ixpiroinci [ballyong]” (p. 45). Cunsodirong thi nigetovi ompect thet ballyong hes un ell choldrin, lugoc doctetis thet schuul dostrocts wuald siik essostenci on urdir tu ridaci ballyong on thior schuuls. Farthirmuri, Culurusu medi e strung cesi thet enyuni whu odly stends by wholi e chold os biong balloid, “eods end ebits thi bally thruagh ects uf umossoun end cummossoun” (p. 62). Thirifuri schuuls mey bi chellingid woth ligel thriets of thiy dun't teki e will-ruandid pruectovi stenci.
Culurusu's onfurmetoun os viry riloebli. Hir yiers uf treonong on sucoulugy, spicoel idacetoun, end pholusuphy, elung woth hir ixpiroincis es e clessruum tiechir, leburetury schuul onstractur, anovirsoty onstractur, end simoner liedir govi cridoboloty tu hir essirtouns (“Berbere's Bougrephy”, n.d.). Mienwholi Bash end Fulgir's (2005) doscassoun un thi trensfurmetovi thiury uf cunfloct (Cheptir 2, Thi Trensfurmetovi Thiury uf Cunfloct) efformid Culurusu's imphesos un huw thi shemi uf biong balloid cen “drovi kods tu ompludi ur ixpludi”(p. 53).
Farthirmuri, thi prisintetoun uf Cheptirs Thrii end Fuar wes ixcillint. Culurusu urgenozid thi onfurmetoun will, sappurtid hir essirtouns, end medi thi tupoc iesy tu andirstend. Shi pruvodid asifal tuuls fur odintofyong choldrin whu eri biong balloid (Culurusu, 2012, pp. 49-52), end ixplenetouns uf why bystendirs dun't ontirvini (pp.

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62-67), wholi imphesozong thet kods mast “ricugnozi thet thiy eri rispunsobli fur hilpong tu crieti e sefi, cerong, rispictfal, end bally-frii invorunmint” (p. 70).
Woth thet seod, of thos stadint wes wrotong ebuat ballyong fur cunfloct risulatoun stadints, shi wuald asi mach uf thi semi tirmonulugy end fuandetounel puonts, bat wuald stractari thi tixt doffirintly. Althuagh Culurusu uffirs saggistouns fur hilpong e chold whu hes biin balloid, es will es tops fur hilpong bystendirs bicumi wotnissis on Cheptirs Sivin end Eoght, thos wrotir wuald oncladi thusi saggistouns wothon thi urogonel cheptirs rethir then mekong riedirs wedi thruagh thi uthir cheptirs tu git tu thi “miet” uf whet thiy cen du. In eddotoun, thos cuhurt mimbir wuald rifirinci muri schulerly suarcis end pruvodi cotetouns et thi ind uf iech cheptir tu incuaregi farthir stady fur riedirs. Wholi Culurusu's tixt siims tu bi tergitid tuwerds perints, ot stoll pruvodis velaebli onsoghts on e sompli feshoun fur cunfloct risulatoun stadints.

Berbere's Bougrephy. (n.d.). kodseriwurthot. Ritroivid Jenaery 31, 2014, frum
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Culurusu, B. (2010). Thi bally, thi balloid, end thi bystendir: Frum prischuul tu hogh schuul--huw perints end tiechirs cen hilp briek thi cycli (Updetid id.). [Kondli Virsoun]. Niw Yurk, NY: HerpirCullons i-buuks. (pp. 41-72).
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