Essay about Bullies and Their Victims

Essay about Bullies and Their Victims

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Bullies choose their victims wisely, targeting kids who are disliked and less likely to be defended by their peers. These kids become frequent targets of verbal and physical attacks or other forms of abuse. What sustain these repeated assaults are retreat cycles between pairs of children. Research indicates that about ten to twenty percent of children are bullies, while there is a fifteen to thirty percent who are repeatedly victimized (Salmivalli & Voeten, 2004).
Bullies are both male and females but mostly males. When boys bully they tend to use physical and verbal attacks, but girls will bombard a vulnerable classmate with verbal hostility (Pepler, Rigby, 2004). A considerable number of bullies are high standing young people. Some of these kids are liked for leadership qualities or athletic abilities, but most are disliked because of their cruelty (Vaillancourt, Hymel, & McDougall, 2003).
Chronic victims are passive when active behavior is expected. When on the playground they hang around talking or drifting by themselves (Boulton, 1999). And when bullied, they reinforce perpetrators by giving in to their demands, crying and assuming defensive postures (Boulton, 1999).
Victims also have histories of resistant attachment, an overly controlling parent in child rearing and maternal overprotected parenting behaviors prompt anxiety, low self esteem and dependency resulting in a fearful demeanor that marks these children as vulnerable (Snyder, 2003).
Biologically based traits an inhibited temperament and a frail physical appearance contribute to victimization (Snyder, 2003). Victimization leads to adjustment difficulties that include depression, loneliness, low self-esteem poor school performan...

... middle of paper ...”. They must be taught better ways of relating to others (Beane, 1999).


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