Bullies And Their Victims : Bullying Essay

Bullies And Their Victims : Bullying Essay

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Bullies and Their Victims
A situation where a child is victimized and it occurs on the way to or from school, on school grounds, to or from a school event, or at a school event, it is considered school violence (CDC, 2015). Bullying can be in the form of physical harm involving behaviors like hitting, or in the emotional form which involves more verbal or indirect forms of attack. Bullying can also take place over the internet meaning kids can now be bullied right from the comforts of their own home; that is called cyberbullying. The children involved with bullying tend to fall into three categories: bully, victim, and bully/victim (CDC, 2013).
There are some characteristics that cause children to become easier targets for bullies. Having difficulties with peer relationships, low self-esteem, having an appearance apart from the norm and being shy can increase the likelihood the child will be victimized (CDC, 2013). The CDC (2015) also suggests that being victimized will have more of an emotional effect than a physical one on the child. The number of victimized children between the ages of 12 and 18 were close to 750,000 in 2012. High school children took part in a survey in 2013, over 7% of those surveyed stated that they did not attend school for one or more days in the month prior to taking the survey. Close to 20% stated that they were bullied on school grounds, and close to 15% stated that they were bullied online within the year prior to the survey (CDC, 2015). One could infer that the accessibility to people online would show in increased number to bullying accounts than that in school settings; however, the numbers are similar which shows that bullying in school settings is still a concern.
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...the first cyberbullying case in the United States where the bully was prosecuted for what they had done (Burton et al., 2013). In order for an attack online to be considered cyberbullying certain things need to be present, “first the actions must be intended to inflict harm and be perceived as hurtful. Second, there must be a pattern of negative behaviors, rather than an isolated event. Finally, the relationship between the bully and the victim has to be one with a power imbalance (e.g., age, social status, physical appearance)” (Burton et al., 2013, p. 103). The above mentioned case included all aspects of what constitutes cyberbullying, which is vastly opposite from traditional bullying due to the increase of anonymity and the amount of people that can witness the act (Burton et al., 2013). Presenting oneself online seems to have dire consequences.

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