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The movie Crash, directed by Paul Haggis in 2005, tackles the dangers of prejudice and xenophobia in the interconnected lives of people of Los Angeles. It takes on the job of representing so many ethnic groups for a mere 1 hour and 47 minutes goes around with racial issues and the complexity and emotion it brings to each other. Daniel Ruiz, played by Michael Peña is a Mexican-American locksmith who faces discrimination from Jean and others because he looks like a gangbanger to them, when he is actually a devoted family man. After Anthony and Peter steal Jean and Rick's car, Daniel comes over and changes the locks on their home. Daniel seeks a safe environment for his young daughter, Lara, who had a bullet go through her window in their previous home. That is why he moved to a safer neighborhood and enrolled her in a private school. Near the beginning he gives Lara an invisible "cloak" that he says will protect her should someone try to shoot at her. Farhad shoots at Lara and Daniel but they escape unhurt, because the gun contains blanks chosen by Dorri earlier in the film. However Lara believes that this is due to the protective powers of the "cloak." Daniel feels cultural tension for several different reasons, which causes him to take certain actions.
One reason why Daniel feels cultural tension is the way Jean treats him in her house. Earlier in the Film, Jean and her husband Rick’s life were in danger when Anthony and Peter car jacked them on the street. When they got home, they hired a locksmith to change their locks.
While Rick is doing all that he can to retrieve their vehicle on the phone, Jean oversees Daniel and asks him how much time will it take him to finish the job. Observing his appearance, Jean confronts Rick and...

... middle of paper ... no easy answers. Funny, powerful, and always unpredictable, "Crash" boldly reminds us of the importance of tolerance as it ventures beyond color lines and uncovers the truth of our shared humanity. Daniel being in the middle of the story struggles to earn for a living while fulfilling his job as a father to Lara. Most people avoid discussing racial differences. Though differences exist it is not only in bad taste to mention them, it also places one in the awkward stance of being labeled a racist. While some parts of Crash seem far-fetched and are less realized, other plotlines, left me breathless and near tears. After watching "Crash" I realized that this type of attitude often accomplishes the opposite of its intention, as it furthers racial prejudice and close-mindedness. It is when people do not talk about their differences that they fail to abolish them.

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