Essay about Bulimia Nervosa: A Life Threatening Disease

Essay about Bulimia Nervosa: A Life Threatening Disease

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Many years ago, starving one’s self and vomiting after overeating was considered healthy. The ancient Egyptians engaged in monthly purges in attempts to remain healthy. The ancient Romans constructed “vomitoriums” (Latin) ((Ayto, 1990, p. 562) rooms where they could vomit so that they could continue to gorge themselves on food. Whereas, both Roman and ancient Greeks, saw Bulimia, as meaning ox (hunger), among people. The early 18th century, “la Bulimia” (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2013, p. 1) made its way into French literature to describing patterns of overeating. However, today the number of eating disorder cases continue to grow. There are organization all over the world dedicated in the prevention, education, and raising awareness on the subject of bulimia nervosa and changes in the diagnostic criteria. One must ask one’s selves why women? And why now? Hopeful, through understand how bulimia nervosa can effect an individual, the goal is to look at the etiology, the course, the prevalence, and ways to assess and treat.

It is now widely recognized that eating, disorders occur across culture, socioeconomic class, and race. Much more research is necessary to more understand fully and explicate the rise of eating disorders in cultures around the globe, and the differential distribution of AN, BN, and BED; however, it is generally held that the distribution of eating disorders in a population reflects the confluence of biological, environmental, cultural , and psychological factors.

At the ample level, sociocultural factors set the general stage of risk. Sociocultural studies of the development of bulimia plays a complex role with multiple factors that are contributed to the interplay between ...

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