Bulemia in a 17 Year Old Girl Essay

Bulemia in a 17 Year Old Girl Essay

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This assignment will discuss the condition identified in the case study of a 17 year old girl called Jess. Jess has bulimia Jess also surfered from anorexia and she was hospitalised after her weight dropped to 6.5 stone. Jess is unsure what age she became a bulimic. Karen, Jess’s mother who is also bulimic is concerned about Jess’s Physical health and had her reviewed by a gastroenterologist. Her consultant has noticed jess is presenting with downy hair on her arms and believes this is an indication of anorexia.
To fully understand Jess’s case the condition that she suffering from must be understood and the symptoms, causes, effects and treatments must be explored. In this assignment an accurate assessment of Jess’s needs with consideration to her social, emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing will be carried out. During this assignment two needs of Jess that are met and are not met will be identified and explored, and from this the appropriate strategies to meet these needs will be identified. In this assignment specialists care and management of Jess’s condition will also be explored, in doing this a broad range of specialised skills and tools will be demonstrated.

Bulimia is a serious eating disorder; it is a physical and emotional illness that is most common in all people but young women in particular. Bulimia is defined as eating a large amount of food also known as bingeing and then has feelings of guilt, depression and self-condemnation. Then people cause themselves to vomit and purge in order to prevent weight gain by using laxatives, dieting, or fasting. (Farlex)
The signs and symptoms of bulimia are binge eating and purging. Binge eating is repeatedly eating huge amounts of food without...

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...nd Karen are quite judgemental towards each other on their appearance. Jess does want to have a closer relationship with her mother in the future.
According to Maslow’s theory, you must satisfy the lower needs to progress to the higher level this is true in Jess’s case. Jess’s social needs are not met and she is unable to progress to the esteem needs. Esteem needs include achievement, independence, status, respect, and recognition. Jess does not seem to have any motivations in life other than being skinny. She is in an occupation that encourages women to be as thin as possible. Jess may believe that the only way she is to earn status, respect and recognition in her life is through a successful mod-elling career.

Carl Rogers (1902-1987) was one of the humanistic psychologists. He agreed with most of what Maslow believed but he also added that for a person to “grow”

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