Building The Windows Operating Systems Essay

Building The Windows Operating Systems Essay

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Our company, Soap-n-Suds, is planning to upgrade the Windows operating systems that we currently use on all 5,000 desktop computers to a more advanced version. At present, we are using an early version of this Microsoft operating system on all desktop computers used by Soap-n-Suds employees. If possible, our company will also strive to update our desktop computers as well as the Microsoft software that will be put on it. The vice-president of information technology has asked us, the hired analysts, to compare and contrast the latest versions of the Windows operating system, the Mac operating system, and the Linux operating system. In comparing these three operating systems, we will need to take into consideration the initial cost of each operating system per computer; the memory and storage requirements that need to be met; the possibility of having to purchase new hardware; the possibility of having to train our employees to operate this new software; which operating system is best at avoiding viruses, spam, and spyware; and lastly which operating system is overall easier to use.
The initial cost of all of these operating systems is expensive, but some are more expensive than others. For Apple, a mini mac computer equals to about $500, a Mac Air is approximately $900, and an all-in-one iMac is $1099. Windows is much cheaper than apple, their costs are less, but it also provides more. Windows is about 40% cheaper than the cheapest apple product, but it can range from $99-$200 for the software. For the computers it would be about $150- $500 for the maximum. As you can see, windows are much cheaper than apple, this goes into our proposal of choices for our operating system. There’s another operating system named “Linux” that we are...

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...ome with Microsoft 2016. Microsoft office cannot easily run on Ubuntu because as said before Ubuntu is not the most tech-savvy software. The only ways to install Microsoft office on Ubuntu would be to first install PlayOnLinux or Wine. Using alternatives to Microsoft such as Libreoffice, which is an office application suite that is already installed on Ubuntu, would also work. Microsoft office 2016 can easily be installed on the Mac operating system, and if needed an alternative choice would be to install Open Office. Lastly, Microsoft office 2016 can be easily installed on the Windows operating system, as more software is written for windows and we will be able to use virtually any application we wanted on the Windows operating system (Crossman 1). I recommend Windows and Mac as the two most plausible options if we were only considering compatibility with Microsoft.

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