Building The Leading Sensor Business Essay

Building The Leading Sensor Business Essay

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Strategy Statement
To build the leading sensor business, focused on improving efficiency and effectiveness of the Digby with competitive advantages in terms of sustainable development, product diversification and the strength of business value.
Business Strategies
Porter (1997) suggests in order to gain competitive advantages in the changing business environment, it is essential to design a generic strategy for the business: product differentiation or cost leadership. The competitive strategy is determined at round 2, when recognised our rivals held whole product profile which was the product differentiation strategy. To differentiate our strategy from rivals for competitive advantages, Digby designed to imply the cost leadership strategy. By analysing segments with customer buying criteria, we discovered that Traditional and Low End, which are sensitive to price changes, are our domain markets. For resources utilisation, Digby decided to gradually transfer its High End and Size product to Traditional and Low End respectively to broaden our product profile for the targeted market.
As Digby has 8-year lifespan, managers also need to construct both a short-term plan and a long-term plan for stainable growth. Rosenzweig (2013) states four fields of managerial decision making. As it is naturally a zero-sum game, participants in the game are highly correlated. Increasing advantages of our business will lessen the threats from our competitors (Moulin and Vial, 1978). Hence, Digby should emphasis on the third field to create competitive advantages through planning operational and non-operational strategy with rivals’ movements over business lifespan. And combined with the fourth field for core competenci...

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... competitor-Baldwin by having Daze and Dixie in its Traditional segment, which drives its segment market share to double Baldwin’s. The boost in sales and market share prove the correct implication of the theory.

Graph 4: Business Units of Sales and Capacity in Traditional at round 5 (Digby 2020)

Graph 5: Business Market Share in Traditional at round 5 (Digby 2020)
Along with the success, limitations occurred with this strategy. Primarily, it is difficult for Digby to grow from horizon 1 to horizon 3 within its restricted lifespan. Emphasising only on short-term and middle-term, the implementation of the model may be limited. Moreover, having too much capacity while with low utilisation may contribute to high depreciation cost, a waste on non-value added activities. Digby faces the highest depreciation cost diminished its profit for all rounds.

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