The Building Of Gothic Cathedral Essay

The Building Of Gothic Cathedral Essay

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Taller than the ancient pyramids in Egypt, large enough to hold the statue of liberty. 100 pounds of weightless stones, heavy enough to hold the Empire state building are the Great Cathedrals (PBS, 2011). Intrigued by the beauty in structure but puzzled by the very construction, without technology for building purposes has researchers mind wondering. In reference to the NOVA program, building of Gothic cathedral begin as a race of height, which over time this plan backfired because of the recent architectural discoveries in the foundation. The NOVA program pointed out that in this race of constructing the tallest building wasn’t the only concern between two rivalry cities in Europe; it purpose was recognized as a scared space for spiritual reasoning to bring ordinary someone closer to God (PBS, 2011).
After observing Gothic cathedral, you begin to notice the tall walls of stone and stained glass windows. Construction a building of this nature took a lot of architectural design, time, and hundreds of workers. Back in the 12th century, they did not have the modern technology that we have to build cathedrals in less time. In France, they have created a prototype to determine techniques used by worker to build of such a building of architectural design. In their findings, they discover that builders used a Roman war engine hoisting machine or “squirrel cage”, to assist workers with lifting six times their own weight. This method was very difficult as one worker described in an interview, because the “squirrel cage,” often slowed down due to the heaviness of the stones. In order to keep the wheel spinning, the workers had to speed up to ensure that the stones would not fall out in mid-air and cause harm to other working on another s...

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...ices for constructing stain glass windows as not changed over time. In order to produce this precious glass it requires high levels of heat, 2330 degree to be exact, this is hotter than volcanic lava.
In conclusion, I admire the work ethic of the individuals who built this cathedral because it shows work ethic, precise with mathematics, and a strong religious faith. During this Gothic time frame in history majority of their art resembled images that the Holy Bible describes. Religion during this time period was represented very well even experts are still amazed as to how this cathedral were built so tall and high. Even though this cathedral has been exposed to stress, with the assistant with the flying buttress, ribbed ceiling, and metal this cathedral will be an ongoing restorative process so that it will be around for generation here to come to admire its beauty.

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