Essay on Building Evaluation Capacity Within Schools

Essay on Building Evaluation Capacity Within Schools

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Lastly, curriculum change requires effective evaluation processes are in place in order to gain valuable feedback. Thomas (2011, p. 2) supports the idea of building evaluation capacity within schools. Thomas argues that by immersing teachers in the evaluation process, we can help build evaluation capacity and bridge the gap between school district evaluation efforts and the teaching and learning efforts of staff. HMIE (2009, p. 4) calls for the inspectors to use the same evaluation tools as teachers, arguing that developing a shared understanding of how we evaluate the impact of learning activities will transform our understanding of change and progress. Thomas argues that creating common tests collaboratively is not a common place in schools (2011, p.97). She encourages teachers to together look at how we measure student progress and to develop alternative assessments to account for the various learning styles. This ties back to using data to make informed decisions. Thomas supports having small curriculum evaluation committees in place to investigate alignment problems and instructional gaps. In her research, the small committees provided teachers with more confidence to make modifications to the curriculum and provided the necessary freedom to address student gaps and pacing issues. As we closely attend to effective evaluation practices, the process itself becomes the vehicle for responding to external issues and ultimately improves teaching and learning in a way that ensures all students are successful.
As I look toward implementing new AVID curricular changes to West Middle School next year, it is important to keep in mind sharing a clear vision, allowing plenty of time for collaboration, providing staff with regul...

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...tively communicate throughout the entire process, we can supply all parties with important information, increase predictability, and minimize surprises and fears. Moreover, effectively utilizing data-based decision making in the evaluation process will lead to more objective judgments and suggestions. Accountability will ensure that the building is participating in the change process and will help to catch those who lag behind. Creating solutions to problems is an exciting process. Our enthusiasm and zest for change can be contagious. When we teach others to view problems as opportunities to tap into our own untapped potential, we foster positive revolution. This positive revolution is what will help our students remain competitive in a global economy and community. The power remains in the hands of teachers and what they choose to do daily in their classrooms.

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