Building Consensus With The District Vision And School Improvement Plan Essays

Building Consensus With The District Vision And School Improvement Plan Essays

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Building Consensus (ELCC 1.2,1.4, &1.5)
Building consensus with my staff on ways to align resources with the district vision requires effective communication, professional development, data collection and analysis. Effective superintendents align local, state, and federal resources to maximize the effectiveness of the district vision and school improvement plan. The school improvement plan requires collaboration and shared leadership with all staff members. An effective communication strategy keeps staff members focused on the issues, goals, vision and strategies of the improvement plan. The task of leadership is to communicate clearly and repeatedly the organization’s vision, all with the intent of helping every person involved understand what work needs to be done and why, and what part of the individual plays in the overall effort (O’Toole, 1999). The key for superintendents is to build collaborative and sustained relations with all staff members while at the same time being careful not to impose their own views and beliefs. Taking time to understand the multiple perspectives of key stakeholders regarding both the issues and the strategies is foundational to being able to communicate the plan effectively (Eldridge & Mason, 2010).
Utilizing professional development, as a resource, can improve student achievement. Studies that had more than 14 hours of professional development showed a positive and significant effect on student achievement from professional development ( Yoon, Duncan, Wen-yu, Scarloss & Shapley, 2007). Effective professional development provides time for staff members to learn and work together to create an instructional plan that is aligned with the school’s vision. Loucks-Horsley et al., (1998) o...

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...ples and integrity through practice and teaching strategies that will enhance student achievement. Recognition of students’ prior experience with writing and the intricate nature of writing can assist the superintendent to more effectively design a writing program and to provide guidance as students continue to develop their writing skills.
The rationale of this exercise was to identify research supported strategies that could be incorporated effectively to advance the development of a district wide improvement plan. The paper provided research based summary of relevant leadership strategies at the district level. The content strategies chosen for inclusion in this paper provide a foundation for this plan and were presented in an integrated structure supporting the need to prepare students, from all diverse backgrounds, to be proficient in their writing skills

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