Essay on Building and Working with Computers

Essay on Building and Working with Computers

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I grew up playing sports and enjoying it but always had a fascination with building and working computers since I was young. When I was thirteen years old I realized how much I enjoyed building and working with computers. This has become a growing interest for me and that is why I decided to take the step into the technological field. I built my first computer when I was thirteen realizing how much you can learn about the parts and the way they work within the computer. Building your own computer and fixing other peoples computers always brought me a sense of satisfaction and belonging. I knew this would be something that would boost my confidence in technology and the rapid pace in which it creates and improves itself.
There are many questions that always form in my mind when it comes to computers and newer technology. There are key questions regarding computers that I would like to be addressed for a better understanding of what I do not know. Newer technology always evolves with newer components, and I am just wondering exactly how this newer technology is implemented into th...

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