Essay on Building Agency On Aging Program

Essay on Building Agency On Aging Program

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Other services are distributed to as many people as possible with the knowledge that some persons will not qualify for the services. These types of justice are the ones that we encounter most often and are most familiar. Overall, I saw that the Area Agency on Aging program strives to meet the key values of the the Code of Ethics. They are open to making changes as they are identified as well as working to keep the best interest of those that they serve in the forefront of any work that is done on their behalf.
The various programs that are offered thorough the Area Agency on Aging have been established with the goal of keeping those who participate in the programs independent for as long as possible and in their homes rather than in facilities. The benefits to these types of services are not only the fact that these adults are allowed to be able to maintain directing the types of services that they want but also that they are able to make their wishes know and have the ability to make informed choices. The advocates that were previously mentioned work with these adults and offer them information regarding the choices that are available in their area in order for them to be able to make an educated choice based the facts of all the information presented to them.
The Area Agency on Aging offers many programs that the disabled as well as senior citizens access and utilize in their daily lives. Transportation is a resource that 68% of the population uses when they are not able to drive themselves or when others are not available to transport them. Medicaid is an insurance program that is used by 66% of the population who qualify for it by meeting the income guidelines. Medicare is also an insurance program that has differ...

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...s possible. Working with agencies like Area Agency on Aging and striving to make them the best they can be benefits not only us but those we love as well as people we may not even know. The agencies are a wonderful resource in that they are able to tailor their services to the needs of the members of their community. The agency also has the ability to utilize resources for all areas within the community. Persons who work for the agency have the privilege to know many of their consumers more personally than just a name on the phone. The agencies are able to put names to faces and personalize the services. The nutrition centers know those who are diabetic by their face, they often times know which foods those who participate like and don 't like. The human interaction that is provided as a result of these smaller more personalized agencies can not be duplicated.

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