Essay on Building A Sense Of Family

Essay on Building A Sense Of Family

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Elementary students come from many diverse home lives. Some may come from a stable, loving family while others may only come from a home where there is only one single parent who works full time. Either way, it is clear that life at home can affect a student’s academic ability while at school depending on situations that may be going on at home such as, how much television a child is allowed to watch, how many hours are spent on homework, or if the child has two parents or just one. In John Greer, Bonnie Greer, and Jeffrey M. Hawkins article, Building a Sense of Family in the Classroom, there are many ways provided to give teachers ideas to create a comfortable, stable environment for the students. In a classroom, the feeling of importance and comfortability can be provided through individual students or pairs, large groups or the whole class, and by the classroom environment.
It is important in a classroom that each individual student feels as if they mean something to someone. For some, school may be their comfort zone. For others, school may be a place where they feel unwelcomed and out of place. Therefore, it is the teacher’s responsibility to try to create a place where individual students can feel just as important at school as they do at home. There are many activities that a teacher can do to make a student feel appreciated and important such as, acknowledging birthdays. Birthdays hold a special place in child’s heart and a small classroom activity to recognize them on their special day is a great way to make them feel important. Awards such as, Good Citizen, Random Act of Kindness, and personal best are great ways to promote students to be encouraging and helpful to other students in the classroom. Also, this is a creat...

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...or students to feel at home. Also, having the classroom decorated with things made by the students and having a classroom photo album are ways to make students feel at home while at school.
Creating a sense of family in a classroom is an excellent way to allow students to have a sense of stability and importance while they are away from home. Because of a familiar setting, students may succeed greater academically. This article has benefited me in ways to understand certain activities that I can use in my own classroom to make my students feel welcome anytime at school. By participating in these activities, my students will also learn how to be an acceptable citizen by encouraging others and promoting the common good. I want each student in my classroom to understand that they are important and mean something to someone no matter what their home life may be like.

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