Building a No Bully Zone Essay

Building a No Bully Zone Essay

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Imagine a society overrun by bullies. It would be awfully frightening if it was true, but it is. The Bully Society, by Jessie Klein discusses the many stories kids who are entangled with issues regarding bullying and how they are struggling to cope. Before Klein began writing her book, she worked for years as a high school teacher, a social worker, and a conflict resolution coordinator. Klein writes many scholarly journals, articles which have appeared in many well-known media organizations. One of her main goals as described on her website,, is “I hope to help schools build compassionate communities leading to more peaceful and productive education environments.” Klein is a very diligent and hardworking woman. She tries to emphasize the need for improvements whether it is about education or communities. She strives as an influential role model to possibly many of her past students and those she has encountered.
A collection of interviews of children, stories of bullying, and Klein’s possible solutions is The Bully Society. Throughout the book Klein reviews many school shootings, bullying, and social standards of schools. She also includes various ways violence occurs and provides insightful solutions to help improve society. As the book progresses, she expands to a wider topic. For example, she starts specifically with statuses and progresses towards people in particular, through the Internet, the economy, and America and Europe. She builds onto the expansion and provides her own personal experience, and some solutions. Within the book Klein shares her own effort and goal is, “to diagnose disturbing values affecting the school; schools need to commit building a culture of acceptance, where students can devel...

... middle of paper ... everything to someone. Bullying has grown to become an epidemic. There are many other forms of bullying now and it is not just happening in school. Many people are experiencing bullying online. Cyberbullying has increasingly become popular, unfortunately. Suicidal thoughts are becoming part of the victims’ minds and they are resulting in such sad thoughts. Teachers are working even harder to bond with students to help them with their issues and in order to create a safer, caring school environment. She is an amazing writer and I am glad I have taken a swim, into her stream of thought. I look forward to research more about Jessie Klein and her views about other possible issues. The evidence, the interviews, and her own experience help shape her ideas into a solid book. If we take into consideration what Klein has to offer, we can come up with a bully-free society.

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