Essay about Building a Mosque in Temecula

Essay about Building a Mosque in Temecula

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Back in 2010 Temecula made national news as one of the few cities opposing the building of a mosque within its boundaries. Some who opposed the mosque did so out of concern of increased traffic in an already congested area and noise from the minaret (Goodstein). Others blatantly opposed from “not wanting Islam in [their] city”. Due to the increase in growth within the last decade of the proposal, the Muslim community wanted the mosque in order to accommodate their growing size. Leaders of the Interfaith Council of Murrieta and Temecula Valley, along with other proponents, believe that the Muslim community has a right to have their own house of worship to foster their community. While the fear of an unsafe environment (traffic, noise, and extremism) is associated with the building of a mosque in Temecula, providing a solid foundation for the city’s practicing Muslims will allow for the muslim community to grow both physically and spiritually; as well as encourage the need to welcome diversity in a city that is continually growing in order to form a safe and positive environment.
Having a mosque in Temecula builds a solid foundation in both faith and convenience for Temecula residing and neighbouring Muslims. As mentioned by Jane Smith in her book Islam in America, she addresses how having a mosque would “enable the community to have pride in its identification with Islam and its ability to provide its own facility [as well as] make it much easier to gather and perform [worship]” (151). Because the Muslim community currently resides in a “make-shift” mosque consisting around 8,300 square feet for ritual Friday worship and communal gathering, the planned 25,000 square feet mosque provides the space needed for comfort and size (Downey...

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