Essay on Building a Gaming Computer

Essay on Building a Gaming Computer

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Building a gaming computer may be an intimidating endeavour, but in all actuality with a little hard work anyone can be a whiz at putting together a gaming computer. Why build a custom gaming PC? Well it’ll save money, and give the builder a great experience. It’s always fun to learn how different things work. The price of a top of the line retail gaming computer runs from two thousand on up to five thousand dollars and beyond, a monitor alone could cost one thousand dollars. The two types of gaming PC builds are , the hardcore gamer build which will cost a little extra, and the casual gamer build which isn’t as expensive; moreover, the steps in building a gaming PC are: creating a budget, researching what the builder/user wants the PC to be used for, and purchasing the equipment.
Well, Before anything else, here is a few names of components that need to be known to not be completely lost. The CPU(Central Processing Unit) (It processes everything from basic instructions to complex functions.) ( The Hard drive (the location of all the computer’s folders, files, and information, saved magnetically so even if turned off it’ll all stay saved). The RAM (Random Access Memory) (The more RAM your computer has, the more data can be loaded from the hard drive into the RAM, which can effectively speed up your computer.)(, The OS (Operating System) (just what it sounds like, this is the system that works the computer, as in Windows, Linux, and Apple OS.) The Graphics card (helps the CPU by processing the graphics portion of what the CPU has to process). The Disk Drive( this is the CD,DVD, or Blu-Ray driver that is installed to use CD’s DVD’s and or Blu-Ray disks.) The last major term to know is the Motherboard ...

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...teps and the PC parts have come in, just follow the directions with the included manuals to put everything together. Be warned however, do not under any circumstances cut corners on any of the items, every part is necessary for a great machine. With that in mind go get building!

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